BLURB: My long overdue dive into Adobe Lightroom

Last month I bought a new camera: a Canon Rebel T6i. Even though I’ve considered myself to be somewhat of a photo hobbyist for years now, it’s my first DSLR ever.

This month, I finally retired my decaying, 8-year-old laptop and bought a new Dell i5.

So today I decided to rectify yet another long overdue acquisition: I purchased a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan so that I can edit the pictures I take with my new camera on my new laptop.

Since today is my 3-year-old daughter Beth’s birthday, my first photo creation is a picture of her:

This image was modified in Lightroom only. I haven’t delved into Photoshop just yet.


– danBhentschel

One thought on “BLURB: My long overdue dive into Adobe Lightroom”

  1. I finally bought a Canon T3i a few years ago. I was so frightened of it! So of course I stayed on auto for quite some time. I bought one of those “for Dummies” books on that model and studied it. Then I started taking classes through BOCES. I started getting used to the idea of using TV or AV or Manual mode, but often fell back on auto mode. Then I got Photoshop Elements to start getting into improving my shots. Next came a class on Photoshop with a “Dummies” purchase to go along with it…..except I still didn’t have the actual Photoshop software. I keep going back to Elements because it’s so much less complicated. A couple years ago I found out I could take photography classes at MCC (because I’m old!). This really helped me a lot by forcing me to experiment with different types of pictures AND more importantly getting off auto mode! A few months ago I signed on for the Creative Cloud as you did. I just have to stop relying on Elements for my quickfixes and delve into the complicated world of Lightoom and Photoshop! Being so much younger and most likely smarter, I’m sure you’ll do much better than me!

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