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The Auction

The auction has started! Click the link to go to eBay:

The Games

This collection is the result of more than 15 years worth of buying and selling Nintendo video games. During this time, I have seen many NES game collections on E-Bay, but I have never once seen anything like what I am selling later on this month. There were approximately 800 NTSC games manufactured for the Nintendo Entertainment System in the United States. Within just a few weeks, I will be auctioning off more than 700 unique cartridges in one fell swoop. That's more than 90% of all the NES games ever manufactured in the US, in one single auction. Win this one, and you will instantly have likely one of the top 100 largest NES collections in the world. How's that strike you? For a complete listing, see the following page.

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Game List

Note: I am currently going through this list to ensure that it is accurate. I may be making updates if I find any discrepancies.


In addition to the colossal game catalog, you get over 300 boxes and manuals. There's also three NES systems, one of which is the super popular top-loading NES, in pristine condition, complete with box and manuals. There's two ROB robots, a power pad, a couple of NES advantages, multiple guns and controllers, an Aladdin deck enhancer with several games, Game Genie, and even a few hint books tossed in.

Good Condition

Almost everything is in beautiful condition. As I mentioned, I have been buying and selling for years. I typically would buy large lots of games, keep the best for myself, and resell whatever I didn't need. The result is one of the cleanest looking collections around. Now granted there is the occasional badly beat up game, but in general, they are in very good condition. Don't just take my word for it. They say a picture's worth a thousand words. How about 70+ high-resolution images? Take a look:

NES Auction Photo Album

There's also some videos on YouTube:

Reasons to Bid

Here's a bulleted list of reasons that you should be interested in this auction:

  • Likely one of the most complete NES auctions you will ever see.
  • All the games have been alphabetized and cataloged. As part of the auction, you will receive a thumb drive containing pictures of every game, box, and manual. Also on the thumb drive will be videos of the collection, useful for insurance purposes, and an Excel spreadsheet containing a game checklist.
  • Every single game has been surface cleaned so that you can examine your collection without getting your hands dirty.
  • This collection has been stored in a smoke-free home. I.e. it doesn't smell.
  • Each game has had the contacts meticulously cleaned, and each game has been tested in the top-loading NES included in the auction.
  • Included in the auction are nine extremely rugged Rubbermaid storage containers that are the ideal size and shape to hold NES games. They almost seem like they were designed specifically for that purpose.
  • I have a very good E-Bay profile with a solid feedback rating and selling history that goes back more than 10 years.
  • I will be donating 50% of the sale price on this auction to Victory. Some of you may not care too much about this one, but even if you are not a Christian, you may appreciate knowing that your money is going towards a charitable organization that is very active in helping the community.

Sneak Peek

BTW... I have many other video games aside from my NES collection. For a preview of what else will be going on sale in the coming months, take a peek at my Video Game Collection.

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